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Telecaster wiring – series push-push pot and dual concentric tone pots

This is a wiring I’ve made by combining various Tele wirings from the internet. The goal was to have individual tone controls and a series mode, without destroying the classic Tele look.  The series mode had to be easily accessible to be practical, which led me to choose a push-push pot which switches the guitar into series mode regardless of the position of the 3-way switch. Tele is a guitar that benefits the most from individual tone pots.

The tone controls are Gibson-like, hence the need for no-load mod, to prevent disproportional tone-sucking in the middle position. The upper pot influences the neck pickup, the lower influences the bridge pickup, and both are active in the middle position.

There is a great feature that came to be completely unintentionally: when wired in series, the bridge tone control affects only the bridge pickup, while the neck pup affects both. This results with ‘bridge tone’ pot being a sort of humbucker color knob, having several distinct sounds through its range – from p90ish to fat, middy humbucker. It actually works in an inverse fashion – it’s treblier counter clockwise. I hope I’ll have some time soon to demo this unique feature!

I’ve  used this wiring extensively on my handmade tele by Nikola for the last 3 years. Here’s how it looks installed:

Pots installed

Here’s the link to the PDF:Tele series thumbnail

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