My name is Andrej and I’m a DIY enthusiast! This blog will be a place for my projects, mainly concerning guitar effects, amps, wiring, effect switching and embedded systems programming of all kinds.

This has been a hobby of mine for a while and I thank the great communities of freestompboxes and AVR Freaks (I’m just a lurker there) for inspiration and help. It has been my wish for a while to turn this hobby into a job, but I’ve decided to stay faithful to the community and open-source.

My ultimate goal is to do a series of crowd-funding projects for my commercial designs, where various amounts of money will fund products with various levels of completeness (programmed chips, PCBs with programmed chips, partial kits, full kits, and finished products). However, every time my crowd-funding projects go through, I’ll release either the whole source/schematic/PCB or a slightly less featured work-a-like here (replacing microcontrollers with Arduino boards, to make it easier to program by the inexperienced members of the community and to give my commercial products a fighting chance). These projects will be free for non-commercial, personal use.

Your feedback means a lot to me, so feel free to comment! I’ll make a few polls in the future, too, when this site receives enough followers.


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